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Oct 15, 2021

Terrible destruction is prophesied against Judah and Jerusalem. The trumpet will sound the battle call, but no one will get ready, because they are under God’s wrath.

Yesterday the young man extolled the perfection of his bride.

Yesterday in Matthew 25, we heard two parables that speak about being ready for Christ’s return. Something that is repeated in the parables on this topic is that, “outside there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Jesus is by that teaching an important idea: That the punishment in hell will be conscious punishment (shown by the weeping), and it will be painful (as shown by the gnashing of teeth).

GNT Translation notes:
[As in other places, I modify the text from verse 31 on so that Jesus talks about himself in the first person instead of the third person. Jesus’ audience by now knew that he was referring to himself as “the Son of Man”. Note that in Ezekiel the Lord often calls Ezekiel in Hebrew “son of man.” If you are reading or listening to the GNT, those words are translated correctly as “Mortal Man.” God was using those words in their normal sense, as it is used in Daniel 7. But every time Jesus used that title He was using it in a special sense— in effect saying, “I am the One Daniel saw.”]