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Jun 20, 2022

The story of David being welcomed back ended poorly with arguments. Sheba attempted to mount a revolt. He died even though surrounded by his clan members because there was a wise woman in the town where he had taken refuge.

Before that, David had decided to promote national reconciliation by appointing Amasa as a military commander. But Joab— who had grown too powerful, shamefully put an end to Amasa's career.

PSALM 118b:
This is an antiphonal psalm. Imagine a leader and a chorus of voices saying a series of refrains. Today we will hear verse 22, which is the Old Testament verse most frequently quoted about the Messiah in the New Testament. And I have quoted verse 23 at the beginning of a number of podcasts.

Re-reading John 2:
In chapters 1-2, John has already started to tell us what Jesus was like. He was able to enter in fully in a wedding feast, he was stern about not turning the temple into a marketplace, and he miraculously knew about people. In chapter 1 verse 24 in the NLT says that he knew “all about people.” The GNT is closer to the Greek with “He knew them all.” Jesus had a miraculous knowledge about people like we have seen in chapter 1 with Nathanael.