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Jan 25, 2022

In yesterday's reading in Genesis 40, Joseph interpreted two dreams. He said something quite significant: Interpreting dreams is God’s business.

JOB 25:
Yesterday in Job chapter 24, Job said,

Job 24:1 GNT Why doesn't God set a time for judging, a day of justice for those who serve him?

And speaking of the helpless and downtrodden he said,

12 “In the cities the wounded and dying cry out, but God ignores their prayers.

Starting in 24:18 GNT follows a number of other translations in saying that Zophar chimed in, disagreeing that the wicked are indeed punished, contradicting what Job was saying. NLT doesn’t do that. When you find a place like that and want more information, it is always a good idea to see if the NET (New English Translation) has a footnote. The NET footnotes will often give information about alternative translations and their basis in the source text. If you are using the YouVersion Bible reader, and do not see the footnote marks in NET, click the Menu button, then choose Settings, and activate Show Notes.

In chapter 25, Bildad only has time to speak a few lines when Job interrupts him.

MARK 15b:
In the first half of Mark chapter 15, Jesus was tried by Pilate and condemned when Pilate caved in to pressure orchestrated by the religious leaders. The soldiers beat and mocked Jesus, he was nailed to the cross, and then everyone mocked him. The two Marys observed the tomb where Jesus’ body was placed. They would have known that they were to come back after the Sabbath to move the body and perform the customary anointing of the body.