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Oct 18, 2021

EZEKIEL 14-15:
The title that the Lord calls Ezekiel is ‘son of man’, which the Lord is using in the normal sense, meaning ‘ordinary human’. The title for Jesus— ‘Son of Man’, is a special usage. For that, check out Daniel 7.

Note in yesterday’s reading when Ezekiel acted out how King Zedekiah would go into exile, Ezekiel covered his eyes. It was revealed to Ezekiel that Zedekiah would go to Babylon but not see it. This was fulfilled since Zedekiah had his eyes blinded after watching his sons’ deaths. This also fulfilled the prophecy against his sons.

In verses 15 and 20, GNT followed the liberal side of Biblical scholarship in identifying Daniel the prophet as Danel, the Ugaritic mythical hero. Daniel was a contemporary of Ezekiel who arrived in Babylon only 8 years before Ezekiel was in exile at the Chebar river. Even so, I think it very plausible that Daniel’s miraculous deeds (publicized even in the king’s proclamations) would have made him famous in that day. And the remote Ugaritic figure named Danel was not famed to be righteous, as would be necessary in today’s passage. See these articles for more information.

Article: Did Ezekiel know Daniel?

Wallace: Who is Ezekiel’s Daniel?

Yesterday we heard more passionate expressions of love, and today is the final chapter of Solomon’s Song.

I imagine that as the high priest tore his clothes and shouted ‘blasphemy’ that his expression was not one of grief, but of triumph. And Peter recognized that Jesus was to be sentenced to death when he denied Christ.

GNT Translation note:
Mat. 27:34 There they offered [to] Jesus wine mixed with a bitter substance; but after tasting it, he would not drink it.