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Aug 13, 2022

After finally being able to give a comforting message (“Stay here in Judah and don't go to Egypt. The Lord will take care of you”), the people not only ran off to Egypt but took Jeremiah with them. (Or did he go along willingly?) Perhaps he thought that in Egypt the Lord's message to stop worshiping idols would have some traction. But again, alas... No. Then yesterday we heard the short special message to the official Baruch, Jeremiah’s faithful secretary. In today’s reading, the Lord begins giving oracles about different nations.

Lady Wisdom continues to speak.

1JOHN 1:
It is believed that John wrote this letter later in his life, somewhere between AD 85 and 95, and perhaps from Ephesus. He addresses everyone as his ‘children’. Like the emphasis of John’s gospel, this little book focuses on the word ‘believe’. And the word ‘know’ is used over 30 times in this short book. And it is because of that very word that this letter is famous for giving an assurance— especially to any who have trouble accepting that God would choose or love them.