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Jul 30, 2022

In yesterday’s reading, we again heard some often-quoted verses. These verses come just after verses in chapter 17 where the Lord himself beautifully paraphrased Psalm 1:

Jer. 17:9 GNT “Who can understand the human heart?
There is nothing else so deceitful;
it is too sick to be healed.
10 I, the Lord, search the minds
and test the hearts of people.
I treat each of them according to the way they live,
according to what they do.”

Then in chapter 18, we also heard the famous passage about the Lord being like a potter, which Paul refers to in Romans 9.

PSALM 147:
Again this is quite a contrast with Jeremiah’s feelings which we just read! This is our second Hallelujah psalm. And hallelujah has been translated according to its meaning here as “Praise the LORD.” This psalm has incredible depth.

1CORINTHIANS 3:10—4:21
Paul is still ‘going on about’ the same thing. He is going to return to the subject of himself and Apollos in chapter 4— which summarizes the division in the Corinthian church. To give the connection, let’s start reading at chapter 3 verse 10.

GNT Translation notes:

1Cor. 3:16 Surely you know that you are [included as a part of] God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you!
17 God will destroy anyone who destroys God's temple. For God's temple is holy, and [we— all of God’s people//you yourselves] are his temple.
[Translations in English often fail to make clear that ‘you’ in Greek is plural here. The Corinthians as a group are being built into the temple of God— as Paul says in Ephesians 2. It seems a bit more natural or complete in English for Paul to include himself in the body of Christ, so it is possible to use ‘we’ and a modifying phrase, as I have suggested above. There is another verse we will soon read where Paul says that we each individually are a sanctuary/temple of the Holy Spirit.]
21 No one, then, should boast about what human beings can do.  [(Implicit info:) Because of being joined as one with Christ,] Actually everything belongs to you:
22  [So that includes] Paul [and] Apollos, and Peter; this world, life and death, the present and the future—all these are yours,
4:1 You should think of us [apostles//0] as Christ's servants, who have been put in charge of God's secret truths.
17 For this purpose I am sending to you Timothy, who is my own dear and faithful son in the Christian life. He will remind you of the [way of living//principles] which I follow [, and which is appropriate for all of us who are joined in union with Christ Jesus.//in the new life in union with Christ Jesus] [0//which] I teach [these principles] in all the churches everywhere.