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May 7, 2020

Yesterday we heard of Gideon who led Israel in a miraculous victory over the hoards of Midian using only three hundred men. Gideon struggled with believing that God would actually use him, and God was amazingly patient with Gideon— giving him sign after sign. Because of this, Gideon really is not the best example for us to follow of how to trust God and live a life of faith.

Do you ever get upset about injustice on earth? Here is a psalm for you.

The Jews called non-Jews ‘sinners’ because they did not follow the Law of Moses. But the Jewish Christians themselves also become ‘sinners’ if they leave the old system of relying on the Law, but then require non-Jews to be circumcised. The important thing is to be joined as one with Christ, not simply being followers of a religion. Being joined to Christ means dying (considering ourselves to be dead) to old things (including religious practices).

Yesterday in the 3rd chapter of Galatians we heard an important teaching about the purpose of the Law. The Law did not replace the promise that was given to Abraham. And the way for us to follow Abraham and become heirs to the promise given to Abraham (even if we are not his physical descendants) is through _fully believing_ as Abraham did.

GNT Translation notes:

Jdg. 9:49 So everyone cut off a tree limb; then they followed Abimelech and piled the wood up against the stronghold. They set it on fire, with the people inside, and all the people [in//of] the fort died—about a thousand men and women.
Ps. 82:5 “How ignorant you [you oppressors] are! How stupid! You are completely corrupt, and justice has disappeared from the world.
Gal. 4:5 to redeem those who were under the Law, so that we might become God's [sons//children].
[Paul uses the legal Roman law term for the adoption of sons. By their law, such adoption was irrevocable! Men feel squeamish at being included in the Bride of Christ. So in this case, ladies, I suggest that it is good for you to rejoice that you are included as having the rights of sons. This same term occurs in Rom. 8:15, 8:23, 9:4, and Eph. 1:5.]
6 To show that you are his [sons//children], God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who cries out, “Father, my Father.”
7 So then, you are no longer a slave but a [son//child]. And since you are his [son//child], God will give you all that he has for his [sons//children].
Gal. 4:9 But now that you know God—or, I should say, now that God [acknowledges you (as his children)//knows you]— [it makes no sense that you would//how is it that you] want to turn back to those weak and pitiful ruling spirits[ that I just mentioned.//?] Why do you want to become their slaves all over again?