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Apr 30, 2022

JOSHUA 18-19:
Yesterday we heard the details about Mannaseh and Ephraim's allotment of land. I suggest that it will be very helpful for your understanding of these chapters in Joshua to do an Internet search for “map tribes Israel.”

[These notes are used for both the podcast listeners and for those who are only reading the Digging Deeper Daily reading plan in the YouVersion app. If you are NOT one of the podcast listeners, and if you don’t enjoy reading lists of names, consider listening to this day’s podcast at Search for _120 on the landing page of the site.]

Do you remember what Paul talked to Felix about from yesterday’s reading? Asaph’s psalm takes a similar theme today.

ACTS 25:
Paul's accusers came, and Paul defended himself before the governor. The governor put off making a decision, and never got around to making one. One day at the beginning of that time, he and his Jewish wife came to listen to Paul for a little entertainment. But Felix cut the discussion short when Paul meddled a little too much. Paul stayed there in jail for two long years and never gave a bribe to Felix. Finally, Felix left Paul in prison when he was replaced by Festus.

GNT Translation notes:
Ps. 75:7 it is [You, O God, who are//God who is] the judge, condemning some and acquitting others.  
8 [You, Lord, hold a cup in your hand//The Lord holds a cup in his hand], filled with the strong wine of [your//his] anger.
[You pour//He pours] it out, and all the wicked drink it; they drink it down to the last drop.  
9 But I will never stop speaking of [You, O God//the God of] Jacob or singing praises to [You//him].  
10 [You//He] will break the power of the wicked, but the power of the righteous will be increased.