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Apr 27, 2022

JOSHUA 12-13:
As we heard yesterday, God fought for Israel, even causing the sun and moon to stand still. Basically, the main central body of land was conquered in only two campaigns. It is important to remember that the total destruction of the people groups listed was commanded by God because of their disgusting pagan and idolatrous practices. Joshua 10:40 “… This was what the Lord God of Israel had commanded.” See also 11:20.

It is clear that this psalm, written by King Solomon— or more likely written about King Solomon, goes beyond Solomon, giving adoration to the King of Kings.

ACTS 23a:
Paul gave his defense from the top of the stairway leading to the military headquarters. In spite of the miracles in his story, the mob was not impressed. It was the word ‘Gentiles’ that caused the final violent reaction.