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Apr 26, 2022

JOSHUA 10-11:
The king of Ai trusted in appearances and was defeated. And the leaders of Israel trusted in appearances and failed to ask God for guidance, leading to a problem that would later cause more pain.

This is a poem written by a senior citizen with examples for our prayers that are appropriate for ‘youth’ of all ages.

ACTS 22:
In the last part of Acts 21, people from Asia recognized Paul and started a riot in the temple. Paul was arrested and now gives his speech to the angry mob.

GNT Translation note:
Acts 22:26 When the officer heard this, he went to the commander and [said to//asked] him, “What are you doing? That man is a Roman citizen!”
[In several places in Luke’s writings irony is unmarked but would have been understood by readers of his day. PET 26 The commander scoffed, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard that one before! Now you’re gonna say, ‘It cost me plenty to buy my citizenship.’”//The commander said, “I became one by paying a large amount of money.”
“But I am one by birth,” Paul answered.]