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Apr 20, 2020

Yesterday we read the conclusion of Deuteronomy with Moses blessing eleven of the twelve tribes with a prophetic blessing. And when Moses died and the Lord buried him in an unknown location in Moab.

Now we turn to Joshua, the book named after the man God chose as Moses’ successor. In this book, we see the victory of the Chosen People in conquering the Promised Land (chapters 1-12) and then the occupation of the Promised Land (chapters 13-24). Three times in Deuteronomy 31, we find the charge, “Be determined and confident,” and that command is repeated to Joshua at the beginning of this book.

PSALM 68a:
This beautiful song of praise is filled with poetic imagery celebrating the victories God gives his people. So this song is very appropriate for us to read as a preface to the book of Joshua. This starts with the words that Moses spoke whenever the Ark of the Covenant was moved. Paul quotes from v18 and 20 in Eph 4.

ACTS 19b:
Apollos was introduced in yesterday's reading. And Paul returned to Ephesus and had a miraculous and fruitful ministry there for three years.

GNT Translation note:

Ps. 68 [Except for the first verse, I choose to read CEV for this Psalm because I feel it is helpful to understand this whole Psalm as a prayer spoken to God.]