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Apr 19, 2020

In yesterday's reading, Moses showed Israel that the leadership was given to Joshua, and he gave the command that this book of Deuteronomy is kept near the Arc of the Covenant. Then God gave Moses a long song to teach people, to help them remember. In this song, God described some future events as happening in the past tense. This is a feature of many prophetic writings. Here is one detail you might want to notice today in chapter 33: In Moses’ blessings for the tribes of Israel, only 11 are listed. So I’m giving a digging deeper challenge: Which tribe is left out, and what theory do you propose for that one being left out?

The theme of this beautiful psalm is that the salvation that God gives is to be made known to people everywhere, to every ethnic group.

ACTS 19a:
Yesterday in Acts 18, Paul met and began working with Aquila and Priscilla in Corinth. When put on trial before Gallio, God defended him so that he didn't even need to speak. Then that night Jesus strengthened him to keep on speaking boldly.

GNT Translation notes:
Deut. 33:11 Lord, help their tribe to grow strong; Be pleased with what they do. Crush all their enemies; [May their enemies//Let them] never rise again.”

Ps. 67:6 The land has produced its harvest; [You, O God have//God, our God, has] blessed us.  

7 [You have//God has] blessed us; may all people everywhere honor [You//him].