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Apr 18, 2020


Yesterday in Deuteronomy Moses reviewed the covenant and again stressed that the choice is between life and death, and between experiencing blessings or curses. Be aware that in the poem dictated to Moses by the Lord, the Lord speaks of things that were in Israel’s future as if they had already taken place. This is called proleptic past tense and is a feature of prophetic writings.


Our glorious God deserves glorious praise. Note that this psalm shows the importance of confessing our sins to God.

ACTS 18:

In Acts 17, opposition hounded the steps of Paul, Silas and Timothy, first in Thessalonica and then in Berea. The people of Berea are an example for us all, and that’s why so many churches are named after their city. Then Paul in Athens debated with the philosophers of his day.

GNT Translation notes:

Deut. 32:3 [Because in this song I will praise the LORD— giving honor to his name//I will praise the name of the Lord,] and his people will tell of his greatness.


Ps. 66:4 Everyone on earth worships you;
they sing praises to you,
[their songs give honor//they sing praises] to your name.”
5 Come[, all peoples] and see what God has done,
his wonderful acts among people.
10 You[, O God,//0] have put us to the test[0//, God];
as silver is purified by fire,\
so you have tested us.
16 [Now, all who honor God,//0] Come and listen, [0//all who honor God,]
and I will tell you what he has done for me.