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Apr 1, 2020

Yesterday in the conclusion of Numbers, we learned that each clan's allotment of land must stay within that clan, even when parcels of land could be inherited by daughters.

  1. Mears says, “Deuteronomy is a book of remembrance. The name ‘Deuteronomy’ means “second law,” which indicates that the law is repeated. Moses did this to remind the people what God had done for them and what they were to do to serve Him when they reached the Promised Land. This book omits the things that relate to the priests and Levites but includes the things that the people should know. And the happenings in this book would cover only about two months, including the 30 days of mourning for Moses.”

I love this book because it seems to be a transcription of Moses’ last sermons to the people. Imagine sitting at the feet of the aged and revered leader and hearing him tell what is most important! I love the way this book frequently records Moses speaking in the first person.

This powerfully thought-provoking psalm shares important wisdom which should help us be content with whatever our situation is in this life. Note the parallels with Jesus' teaching.

Yesterday we heard the first part of Stephen's speech. Stephen was accused of two things: “This man is always speaking against the holy Temple and against the law of Moses. We have heard him say that this Jesus of Nazareth will destroy the Temple and change the customs Moses handed down to us.” So far it is clear that Stephen was NOT teaching against the laws or customs Moses gave the people of Israel.

GNT Translation notes:

Deut. 1:46 “So then, after we had stayed at Kadesh for a long time,

2:1 we finally turned and went into the desert, on the road to the Gulf of Aqaba, as the Lord had commanded, and we spent a long time wandering about in the hill country of Edom.

Acts 7:43 It was the tent of the god Molech that you carried,
and the image of Rephan, your star god;
[— the//they were] idols that you had made to worship.
And so I will send you into exile beyond Babylon.’