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Mar 31, 2020

Yesterday we heard about the boundaries for the nation of Israel, the 12 clan leaders appointed by the Lord, and about cities set aside for the Levites and cities of refuge— to protect from unjust prosecution of murder.

This psalm praises God for Jerusalem and shows that Jerusalem is a reflection of God's glory. It is clear that more than the earthly Jerusalem is the topic. God has prepared a city for us!

ACTS 7a:
Yesterday in chapter 6 we heard how grumbling in the ever-expanding group of believers in Jerusalem required that seven helpers (the first deacons) be appointed. (The word ‘deacon’ comes directly from a verb in Greek that means ‘to serve’.) One of them, Stephen, became the object of controversy with the Greek-speaking Jews. Before the council, his face shone with a radiance like that of an angel. The false witnesses made two accusations against Stephen, and today we hear his defense against the first of them.