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Feb 26, 2022

Yesterday in Leviticus, Aaron and his sons started their work, and the glory of the Lord was revealed. But right after that Nadab and Abihu died because they offered an unauthorized kind of fire to the Lord.

There are important lessons for us in that story. We will see other stories also were others who wanted to ‘do it their way’ instead of God’s way were severely punished or died like Nadab and Abihu. Such stories show that God expects, and has the right to demand, that He be approached according to the way He has specified and in a way that shows reverence for his holiness. In our time in many Christian churches, it seems that we have forgotten all about reverence for our holy and all-powerful God. Many of you will know the song, “I can only imagine.” The writer wonders what it will be like to meet Jesus. He sings, “Will I dance for you Jesus, or in awe of You be still.” I recommend not trying to dance for Jesus when you first meet him! Remember that the apostle John was so very close to Jesus during his earthly life. But when John actually met Jesus in heaven, he fell at his feet like a dead man. In our time, we can praise Jesus for the access He has given us to our Holy Father. However, any time we approach God in prayer, we should remember to do so in an attitude of deep awe and reverence.

Today in Psalm 15 we will hear about the kind of people who will be welcomed into God's presence.

LUKE 10:
Yesterday in the first half of chapter 10 of Luke, Jesus sent the 72 disciples out ahead of Him with interesting instructions. A sent-out worker will be given his pay as he trusts in the Lord to provide it. And there were strong words for the villages which received most of Jesus' miracles.

You may notice that there are textual differences among Greek manuscripts that show up as footnotes in our translations. In that story I just mentioned, older or more conservative translations use the text that where Jesus sends out 70, not 72. If you are interested in such things, you will find a blog post at about which Greek text I believe is the best to follow.