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Jan 30, 2022

GENESIS 49-50:
In yesterday's reading in Genesis, Jacob blessed Pharaoh, Joseph led powerfully during the worst of the famine, and Jacob blessed Ephraim and Manasseh— putting the younger Ephraim above his older brother. (And if you remember Jacob's story, you'll know how he got that idea.)

JOB 30:
In the book of Job today, if you are following the GNT, this is the 2nd of Job’s three chapters stating his complaints. In the NLT, this is the 5th chapter of his monologue. Yesterday Job spoke of his previous blessed life and high position. In this chapter, he tells of his anguish.

Yesterday in 1st Peter chapter 3 he gave instructions to wives, husbands, and all Christians— particularly when we suffer. NOTE: The final verses of chapter 3 having to do with Noah's day and spirits in prison have caused much debate. I agree with the maxim that states that in interpretation “Context is king.” It is, therefore, best to let the ending verses of chapter 3 be interpreted for us by what Peter says in chapter 4, verse 6. When we get to the NT portion for today, we’ll begin by re-reading 1PETER 3:17-22.