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Jan 29, 2022

Welcome back for Day 29 in our reading plan.

GENESIS 47-48:
In yesterday's reading, Jacob arrived in Egypt with his family. Excluding more extended family, the whole group numbered 70 people at that time.

JOB 29:
Yesterday in Job 28, we heard the chapter in praise of God’s wisdom. I think NLT is right attributing this to Job rather than to Zophar. Today Job speaks of his former blessings, in the first of three chapters which are the final statement of his case.

In his first two chapters, Peter packed each sentence with meaning. I encourage you to take time to re-read those chapters slowly and think about Peter’s descriptive words. Yesterday, for instance, we read the wonderful “Living Stones” passage— which pictures deep meaning about our spiritual identity because of our being built upon (or, joined as one with) Christ, the Cornerstone.

At the end of chapter 2, Peter taught about submitting to governmental leaders, and slaves submitting to their masters.