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Mar 23, 2020

Yesterday we heard how Balak sent for the shaman Balaam to curse Israel, and we heard that God instead moved him to bless Israel two times. And the third sacrifice of 7 bulls and 7 rams was made.

This is a psalm that is quoted in the New Testament. It is a great psalm of praise which conveys many New Testament concepts. (Some of you will perceive some differences in the NT quotes. This is because the NT quote was taken from the Septuagint— the ancient translation of the OT into Greek.)

ACTS 2a:
Yesterday we heard about Jesus' followers who were waiting in Jerusalem for the promised Holy Spirit and for power from God.

GNT Translation note:
Ps. 40:1 I waited patiently for the Lord's help;
[and] then he listened to me and heard my cry.