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Mar 15, 2020

NUMBERS 12-13:
In Numbers 10 yesterday we heard about the signals given to the people using two silver trumpets, and about the first journey leaving Mount Sinai. Then we heard of the start of the grumbling against Moses and God. Moses appointed 70 leaders, and God sent quail in response to the people's complaints. Even Moses said some things that sound like complaining to me. But remember the name Kibroth Hattaavah and what the name means. We have strong evidence that God doesn’t like complainers.

Psalm 33 is full of important wisdom for us! This is the 4th Psalm without a title given by the rabbis.

LUKE 21b:
As we heard yesterday, Chapter 21 of Luke starts with the short account about the widow's offering exceeding (according to heavenly reckoning) the large gifts of the rich. Most of the chapter is Jesus' important prophecies about signs that will occur before he returns.