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Mar 7, 2020


Numbers is the 4th of Moses' 5 books. In this book we will see that unbelief hinders God's blessings for Israel. HC Mears says, “Numbers might be called the Wilderness Wanderings,” because it chronicles the journey. And “Numbers might be called the book of the March and the Roll Call. ... It might, too, be called the Book of Murmurings, because from beginning to end it is filled with the spirit of rebellion against God.”

“Leviticus dealt with the believers' worship— Numbers deals with

the believer's walk. In Leviticus we see the believer’s privileges— in Numbers the wilderness is the drill field.”

Important lessons from the Book of Numbers:

  1. We must trust God, not people.
  2. God will supply all we need, including food, meat, water, leaders, and land.
  3. We must worship God according to his instructions.

Psalm 25 is the first acrostic poem we encounter in the psalms. An acrostic poem is one where every line starts with a new letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

In older translations which followed the KJV, verse 14 contains the word ‘secret’, but that word is better translated as ‘friendship/friend’. Here we read of the privilege of an intimate relationship with the Lord. I am reminded of a few years ago when things were not going well for me in relation to the leaders of my organization. Psalms like this were very comforting to me.

LUKE 17b:

Yesterday in Luke 17a Jesus taught about the importance of forgiving others, the importance of believing fully and being humble servants. Then we heard of the healing of 10 men who had a contagious/dreaded skin disease.