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Mar 1, 2020

Yesterday in Leviticus we learned about regulations concerning uncleanness caused by bodily discharges of all kinds. Then we heard the procedures for the high priest to perform yearly on the day of atonement.

Today’s Psalm— Psalm 19, is a famous poem celebrating the heavens and God's creation, and secondly celebrating the perfection of God's Word.

LUKE 12b:
In yesterday’s reading in the first half of Luke 12, Jesus warned about hypocrisy, and one of our biggest fears— fearing what other people will think of us. Here is a clear translation of two important verses from that part:

Luke. 12:8 PET “I tell you the truth, everyone who says publicly here on earth, ‘I am a follower of Jesus’, I, the Son of Man, will also acknowledge them as my followers in the presence of God’s angels.

9 But those who deny me here on earth, saying they are not my disciples, I will also say that they are not my disciples in the presence of God’s angels.