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Feb 17, 2020

EXODUS 34-35:
In yesterday’s reading in Exodus, we heard about how God's meeting with Moses was interrupted because of the people making the golden calf. (Don’t ya’ hate interruptions!) Aaron caved into the people's desires. Moses interceded for the people, and God agreed not to destroy them. God eventually agreed to go with the people to the promised land. As we heard at the close of chapter 33, Moses asked to actually see God. God will hide Moses in a cleft in a rock, and allow Moses to see his back.

Today we read Psalm 6, which is the prayer of a wronged and oppressed man crying out to God for help and rescue. God has revealed more to us than was revealed to David. We now know that people can praise God after death.

Yesterday in Luke chapter 5, Jesus called several of his disciples after the miracle of the large catch of fish, healed two men, and answered a question about fasting.

Before I start our prayer for today, remember that scene where Moses asked to see the Lord. God put him on a rock, and Moses was protected in the opening of the rock, the cleft of the rock. There’s a hymn about that, and it’s a beautiful picture of our Rock, Jesus. Through Him, we can come to God in prayer today.