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Jan 9, 2020

Before we read GENESIS 17-18,
remember that in chapter 15 we heard of God's covenant with Abram and Abram's _fully believing_ God's promises. Then in chapter 16 we read of Abram and Sarai trying to help God fulfill his promises.

Chapter 15 verse 6 is a famous verse that is quoted three times in the NT:

GNT translates it this way: 6 Abram put his trust in the Lord, and because of this the Lord was pleased with him and accepted him.

[The NT translates this verse a bit differently because it is quoted from the Septuagint (the LXX, the ancient translation of the Old Testament into Greek, made in the third and second centuries BC). ]

JOB 9:
In chapter 8 of Job, Bildad defended God as always acting with justice and insisted that this meant that there had to be some sin on Job's part or his children's.

MARK 6a:
Yesterday In the second half of Mark 5, we heard how Jesus did two amazing miracles— the second one causing a dead girl to live again.