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Jan 7, 2020

As I hope you have discovered, if you click on a verse in this Bible app, you have six very useful options— including highlighting verses and writing comments. Have you tried making a verse-picture yet? The pictures are easy to make and provide an eye-catching way to share meaningfully with your friends on social media. The backgrounds provided within the app are quite nice, and now you can also upload background images from your own device’s picture gallery. Then you set the size, color, and location of the verse text. The results are often so artistic that your friends will re-share your creations.

Please share your YouVersion verse-pictures with the Daily Bible Reading Podcast Facebook group! The link to this group is found at the top of our site:

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As we turn to Genesis 13-14, let me remind you
that in yesterday's reading we heard about God scattering people by confusing their languages. It’s important to remember that the city they were building is called Babylon. Then we traced the ancestry of Abram, who descended from Seth's line. Then we read about the call of Abram and what happened when they were staying in Egypt because of a famine. In that episode, Abram doesn’t sound like a model husband.

JOB 7:
Today in Job 7 we hear the second chapter of Job’s response to Eliphaz. In chapter 6 Job said,

10 GNT If I knew he [God] would [kill me], I would leap for joy,
   no matter how great my pain.
I know that God is holy;
   I have never opposed what he commands.

And he also complained:

14 In trouble like this I need loyal friends—
whether I've forsaken God or not.
15 But you, my friends, you deceive me like streams
that go dry when no rain comes.

And his three friends are only warming up to what they will say. In desperation Job says,

24 All right, teach me; tell me my faults.
 I will be quiet and listen to you.
25 Honest words are convincing,
but you are talking nonsense.

MARK 5a:
Yesterday we completed the one and only ‘parable chapter’ of Mark’s Gospel. Following the parable of the mustard seed, the disciples and Jesus took off to the other side of the lake. Jesus slept soundly in the boat while a storm was raging on the lake, and then he calmed the storm.