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Mar 14, 2020

NUMBERS 10-11:
Yesterday in Numbers 9, we heard about the position of the lamps on the lampstand in the Holy Place, and the Levites were formally dedicated for service. The second Passover was celebrated. The Israelites received their marching orders based on when the cloud moved from over the sacred tent.

Today’s psalm, Psalm 32 gives essential spiritual principles conveyed in David's testimony. I encourage you, my listener, to camp out awhile in this psalm.

Let me add my testimony to David’s: I note as I look over the years, that the Lord has been extremely patient with me. I think that a major reason is that I have tried to keep ‘short lists’— so to speak, with the Lord. I mean by that that I didn’t stuff my feelings of guilt away, but would confess my sins. This meant that— embarrassingly, I was confessing the same sins over and over again. I am totally embarrassed to admit that it took me like 10, 20, and even 30 years of doing this before I finally had breakthroughs one at a time. But even so, one advantage of confessing your sins daily is that the embarrassment factor makes you want to find answers. Guess what! There are answers in God’s Word! Keep digging for them. The things that help me might not help you. The things YOU dig out of Scripture will help you the most. But to me, one thing is clear: If I had stopped confessing and trying to stay in fellowship with God like 1 John 1 talks about, it would have been like walking away from God. There would have been no progress and no breakthroughs, and my life would have been totally different.

LUKE 21:
And as we turn to the book of Luke, in the last confrontation in Luke 20, Jesus soundly refuted the Sadducees. After this, his teaching further embarrassed and offended the religious teachers.